No Code DevOps Automation
DuploCloud stitches devops, security tools and cloud APIs to deliver end to end automation in cloud environments.
In this overview we describe the current state-of-art Infrastructure-as-code practice and describe the DuploCloud solution. We walk you through the implementation matrix of various functions in a devops stack and describe how DuploCloud implements / automates them.
Best practices determination is ad-hoc and based on the preferences of individuals or teams leading to security mis-configurations and under-optimized automation.
Implementation as per published regulatory standard like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, GDPR and AWS WAF (Well Architected Framework).
Human errors in code. 2020 Cloud threat report released by Palo Alto Networks identifies around 200,000 potential vulnerabilities in existing Infrastructure-as-code templates. Wikipedia Infrastructure_as_code
Software based configuration eliminates human error. Software validated with tens of thousands of workloads and has undergone multiple security, reliability and scalability tests and audits across clients. On an average 5000 deployments occur every week.
Long implementation times due to the need to manually write, test and rollout automation code.
Out-of-box automation ready to go regardless of desired topology. Rules based bot auto-generates configuration.
Slow iterations increasing business response time to market needs. As the infrastructure grows updates are harder as more code is required to be understood, changed and tested for regression.
Consistent and infinitely scalable automation that is not a function of infrastructure size, changes in architecture or introduction of new services.
Cloud experts with deep subject matter expertise required for automation are hard to hire.
Self service platform for end user with average or little infrastructure expertise.
Business dependency on key individuals for specific devops functions who have the context of relevant parts of automation code.
Self-service and always on automation delivered via software.
High cloud costs due to trial-and-error configurations as engineering teams learn the nuances of public cloud feature set and their impact on the application.
Out-of-box best case configuration built in from learnings from large scale implementation and founding team expertise who were authors of the original public Cloud technology itself.
What does DuploCloud Automate
DuploCloud is a rules based bot which is skilled in 200+ cloud native services and has automated hundreds of thousands of unique work flows with no manual code.
Network, Regions and Zones
Cloud infrastructure setup starts with creation of VPCs, subnets, NAT gateways, availability zones and routes. Automation of VPN and hybrid connectivity calls in this layer of automation. For compliance with regulatory standards like PCI-DSS, it is required that production and non-production environments are in a different VPC. Multi region deployments are a common scenario.

Application Infrastructure
With the network infrastructure in place, next comes storage, compute and other application services like databases, object store and Encryption keys. These need to be segregated as per application boundaries with appropriate security groups and IAM/AD policies. User access controls like Just-in-time access, single sign-on and password management are performed in this layer. Backup-and-restore configuration and disaster recovery automation is done here.

Application Provisioning and Operations
With the advent of microservices and Docker, infrastructure is fragmented requiring a lot more advanced automation. In this layer of the stack, DuploCloud manages Kuberenetes clusters, serverless deployments and ETL pipeline automation that includes Spark, Athena, Jupyter etc. The load balancer, auto-scaling, DNS automation, health checks, rolling upgrades, Blue Green deploys and Disaster recovery are some of the other key functions performed here.
Engineering teams spend a majority of their time in debugging. While there are tons of tools like ELK, Sumologic, signalfx, Cloudwatch, Sentry that implement these functions, they are still required to be orchestrated and configured in the context of the application. DuploCloud performs this orchestration and creates per application dashboards with all the relevant infrastructure metrics. We have out-of-box integrations with most logging, APM and alerting tools..

Unified CI and CD
DuploCloud has a built-in CI/CD saving the manual effort to set up build systems like Jenkins. With DuploCloud we treat builds as transient application components that execute side-by-side in the same topology as the application itself. Each build triggers a set of docker containers that run the spare capacity of the application servers using the same automation as the application provisioning itself. The containers are cleaned up after the build is over. This enables Unification of CI and CD. The user is still not mandated to use the DuploCloud CI/CD. They can continue to use their current system and integrate with DuploCloud’s provisioning layer via APIs.

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